Out from the depths
May 2016 - Alex Alejandre

Out from the depths they cry out birthing dust,
Unread, forgotten beasts, benign with strife,
Waiting for us to think them up to life,
In cold, abstract, unrealizing halls of lust,
No key yet knows their shifting doors' mistrust,
Though long discussed faint echos feel the fife,
Unknowing, marching to the beating heart <—???
We all fear as th’ebbing silence learns disgust.
A mouthing dream roars nightmares out of spite
And sees despair, proud, looking on its work,
A half sleeping visage lies to sneer at might,
Boundless and bare, but slaves blind to what lurks
The hand that feeds our hunger to blingt the night,
The biting dead knew starving as their perk.