I come at this from the perspective of independent traders, small funds, CTAs. Institutional banks etc. grow sluggish, stale with scale. Philosophers and mathematicians, visionaries and schemers strive and struggle, seeking alpha in their own ways. Plumbing the depths of the world, grappling with industrial civilization, humanity and where we’re going, the financial markets are the most multidisciplinary and rewarding field today.

That’s destiny, will, striving, exploring, “mathematics, the secrets of the universe. Life is firing with its beauty, its incredible detail!”

Investing in Coal - Jan 2024 - Alex Alejandre

Bad for the environment, good for our wallets.

Sectors and Economic Structure - Jan 2024 - Alex Alejandre

tl;dr: I struggle to find a golden thread between measuring national priorities and finding profitable insights.

Energy Fueled Dreams - Jan 2024 -

What utopias await us with more energy?

A Fascinating Subfield of Economics - Oct 2023 - Alex Alejandre

I’m absolutely fascinated by the thoughts of authors like Vaclav Smil, Steve Keen, Anas Alhajji, Rule Rule etc.

Narcostates - Oct 2023 - Alex Alejandre

The political economy of narcostates

Bullish on Developing Macro - Mar 2023 -

Dedollarization and the Green Transition

On Vaclav Smil? - Jan 2023 - Alex Alejandre

What utopias await us with more energy?

Falling Oil Production - Feb 2022 - Alex Alejandre

Brazil is the only country in the world who expects to produce more in 5 or 10 years and is making the required investments.

Arabian National Bank of Hedjaz - Jun 2005 - Peter Symes

The bank of Hejaz printed, but never issued notes, which featured scenes from other countries.

Gulf Rupees - A History - Jun 2003 - Peter Symes

Gulf Arab countries used the Indian Rupee, until independent India issued them a new Gulf rupee.

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hen do they need to refinance and if they can afford it.