Laying you in the grave
Apr 2019 - Alex Alejandre

Laying you in the grave, my tears to stones
Falling and moss, why don’t you open down?
Ascending on yea further back like that
I wonder why oh why the heavens lat.
Blackening clouds dance dirging th’night away
Along the way falls fate yon fate astray,
As if God deigned the sky a lie awry
“Behold” you told as doom weaves tomes and flies.

Winning this race, now we are found out how
Slowly and low we float yet sing aloud,
Ablaze a truthful lie frozen salted
Time melts our fingers through, a sense assaulted.
Have you ever felt the fading fear aloft
The hollow lost alone, some bower’s croft
Growing aglow, why don’t we make some rules
Walls by your side, a thousand souls retool