Software Engineering

WIP Small Companies Own the Future - Jan 2024 - Alex Alejandre

We often think of big tech as a threat, monopolistic entities choking freedom from the internet.

Software Architecture Today - Jan 2024 - Alex Alejandre

tl;dr: Our architecture (software) is about the boundaries between, not the things themselves.

Design Docs - Jul 2023 - Alex Alejandre

At Google, before starting a project, you write an informal document defining the design, documenting:

Big Open Source - May 2023 - Alex Alejandre

tl;dr: Open source is a moat for big tech. SaaS is the best startups can do right now.

WIP Programming Systems - May 2023 - Alex Alejandre

There aren’t just programming languages, but entire systems. There’s small talk or a lisp machine, but then UNIX with C and shells (and Python etc.

Architecting Observability - May 2023 - Alex Alejandre

tl;dr: 10 construction workers stand and watch one man dig a hole, that’s the cloud today!

The Customer is Always Wrong - Jun 2021 - Alex Alejandre

How many times have you thought or heard: “What if there were a tool so powerful you could write your specifications in it, it would make them happen?