The Pit of Expertise - Jan 2024 - Alex Alejandre

‘It depends.’ It depends? But everything depends! How does that help?!

WIP Math for Non-Mathematicians - Jan 2024 - Alex Alejandre

tl;dr: Mathematicians prefer to start with a structure’s most general form, while physicists prefer specific (applicable) cases.

REVIEW: The Education of Cyrus, by Xenophon - Jan 2024 - John PSmith

Xenophon teaches us leadership.

WIP Programming Systems - May 2023 - Alex Alejandre

There aren’t just programming languages, but entire systems. There’s small talk or a lisp machine, but then UNIX with C and shells (and Python etc.

Who Wrote the TY Books? - Aug 2019 - Alex Alejandre

I have a copy of Teach Yourself Turkish, which was first published in 1919 (see page 4.

Good Language Books - Aug 2003 - Alex Alejandre

List of books