WIP Small Companies Own the Future
Jan 2024 - Alex Alejandre

We often think of big tech as a threat, monopolistic entities choking freedom from the internet. But at their scale it is difficult to maintain marketshare for long, plaged by coordination problems. N.b. I’m thinking about infrastructure and tooling. Specialized startups can quickly iterate on problem subsets to generate the optimal solutions.

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Integration and discoverability are huge issues though. How will we learn about then plug together so many specialized tools?


Still uncommon after half a century. Nothing revolutionary but vertical teams can offer a solution though, with total feature ownership and decision making on the front and backend, in accounting, design, testing etc. with everyone in a single team, like a startup, as if the firm’s a grouping of startups it owns. Members will naturally crossskill and better understand the whole lifecycle. Allowing a team and each role radical ownership is empowering, true freedom.