I write about software and finance. Soon I'll add literature and languages.

Some Recent Posts:

Investing in Coal - Jan 2024 - Alex Alejandre

Bad for the environment, good for our wallets.

WIP Small Companies Own the Future - Jan 2024 - Alex Alejandre

We often think of big tech as a threat, monopolistic entities choking freedom from the internet.

The Pit of Expertise - Jan 2024 - Alex Alejandre

‘It depends.’ It depends? But everything depends! How does that help?!

WIP Math for Non-Mathematicians - Jan 2024 - Alex Alejandre

tl;dr: Mathematicians prefer to start with a structure’s most general form, while physicists prefer specific (applicable) cases.

About Me - Jan 2024 - Alex Alejandre

A bit about me

Sectors and Economic Structure - Jan 2024 - Alex Alejandre

tl;dr: I struggle to find a golden thread between measuring national priorities and finding profitable insights.

Energy Fueled Dreams - Jan 2024 -

What utopias await us with more energy?